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Let’s Be Social Special Needs App Review

Let’s Be Social | Special Needs App Review

Keeping in touch does not necessarily mean making a scheduled appointment you’ll find apps for Facebook, Twitter and a lot of other
social apps.

Facebook:Multiple formats free.

Mobile phones have related to remaining in touch with a smartphone meaning remaining in touch with your social systems too. Facebook has numerous mobile clients plus an application for pretty much every handset, that makes it easy to check messages, view photos now use Facebook Places to discover money-saving deals near where you stand.

Twitter:Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad free

There is also a many mobile Twitter clients, nevertheless the official application is dominant despite only turning up under this past year (it’s built on top of Tweetie). Getting a eay-to-use, full features you can realise why.

Skype:Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Nokia free

The service that first introduced free Voice over ip calls to numerous desktop computer systems is becoming well and truly mobile. Voice and video calling are available via 3G and Wireless.

Yelp:Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Palm free

Yelp could be the leading US website for user-created reviews of bars, restaurants and shops. It is launched inside the Uk which is number of apps can help you get involved.


It allows clients send picture messages to buddies in solid-time. Photos instantly delete after a maximum of 10-seconds, making the disposable application frequently useful for delivering silly (or risque) shots. Be careful, though: Clients might take screenshots from the shots, but you will get a notification in case your screen remains grabbed.


It is a location-based Mobile Social application that notifies you what’s nearby based on what others suggested. When you’re in a location, you can examine in and potentially score tips and deals, with each and every check-inside the application can get more personalized and can get good at recommending places it thinks you’ll like. Search for what you are interested in or browse what’s in your town, then Foursquare gives you directions, hrs, menus and photos to be able to choose a destination. Plus, become mayor from the location and acquire boasting legal legal rights over your friends.

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