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How to Treat Hair Removal Cream Burns

How to Treat Hair Removal Cream Burns

For many people, hair removal creams are the easiest way to get rid of those unwanted hair follicles, unlike waxing or shaving which is a little painful as opposed to using hair removal creams. As hair removal creams work on the
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How To Treat Chemical Burn from Depilatory Creams

Firstly, get rid of any piece of clothing in the affected area. Hold the affected area under freezing cold running water for 20 minutes, this will comfort the burning sensation and irritation too. Keep repeating this act every now and then, this will reduce the pain and prevent worsening of the burnt area.

Using aloe vera gel is another way of treating hair removal cream burns. Now,what you can do is, keep the gel in the refrigerator for a few hours and then apply the cold gel on the burns. This will help the burn to heal faster. If you have an aloe vera plant at home, nothing like it, the mush of fresh aloe works wonders to treat the burnt area.

Use of ointments designed specially for treating skin burns or antiseptic creams are also great ways to lessen the intensity of irritation. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the course of healing, as this helps to hydrate the wound and ensures speedy recovery.

Mix cold milk with turmeric powder, apply this thick paste on the wound, it helps in treating the wound. Turmeric is considered a great antiseptic and milk keeps the wound hydrated and prevents it from drying away. Now, once your burn starts to heal, applying vitamin E oil on the affected area would prevent scarring your skin tissue.

If your burn bleeds or yields unnecessary foul smelling fluid, see a doctor immediately, as this can make the worsen the condition of the wound, increase healing time, and there are possibilities of them leaving an ugly scar behind. Another area of concern being it would cause further infections making the burn even worse.

Some Things You Have to Be Careful About

Never scrub or use a loofah on the wound, it might worsen the wound and exacerbate the pain.

Do not wear tight clothes or anything constricting the affected area. As far as possible keep the wound open to air and do not cover it, with clothes or any bandages for that matter.

Stay out of the sun! The burn you have suffered would aggravate if you expose that area to