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Silky and Manageable Hair

Silky and Manageable Hair

I have very low mainteneance hair. By that I mean I don’t even blow dry my hair. Ever. After washing my hair, all I have to do is coax it a little with my fingers by brushing it in place and the natural air will set in almost always in place. But that’s in relatively low humidity San Diego. It screamed help, every strand begging.

Thankfully, taming unruly locks is quite the norm here. Walk into any mall and any credible salon will offer hair rebonding. They offer to straighten curly, wavy, fly aways and lack luster unruly hair into sleek, glossy totally straight (straight as sticks) hair in a couple of hours. It’s like a hair make over and they have pictures of before and after to show for.

Now, I want that and I want that right now. I want hair that rival Beyounce and Jo lo, even Jennifer Aniston and rebonding can do exactly that hair that falls into place and you don’t even have to use tons of mousse or gel. Sleek is the name and I’m in.

I’ve rebonded my hair before and I know that picking a right hair dresser can make a difference. Under unskilful or inexperienced hands, your hair can come out slightly burned with brittle ends. In extreme cases, some have reported burned scalp or hair falling out. So, the first logical thing if you’re thinking of rebonding your hair is to find a good stylist.

I found one hair salon that offers reasonable rate and it seems to be busy. You don’t want to go to one where the stylists are sitting around drinking coffee and making small talks. They could be that quiet because they have managed to scare away the customers with their bad techniques.

I walked in and in three hours, I left with totally smooth, glossy hair.

So, what is hair rebonding, you asK?

Hair rebonding is a chemical process that helps to straighten hair. It is like straightening your hair with a hot iron, except this process does it for you chemically, so your hair remains straight and mangeable without you having to fuss over it. Once it is rebonded, your hair stays straight anytime from 3 to 9 months, depending on your hair.

To simply a complicated, often lenghty process (the average rebonding process can run anywhere from 3 to even 8 hours), here is the simplified explaination:

First, a relaxant or cream softener is used to break down the natural structure of the hair. Hair is partitioned into shaft and liberally coated with relaxant. In cases, where very straight hair is desired, the shafts are kept straight by using thin plastic boards. In soft rebonding, where the effect is less intense and more natural, no plastic boards are used. Usually, this relaxant is left for about half an hour, depending on hair types.

Next, the hair is rinsed off and blown dry. A keratin lotion is applied and then the stylist uses a hot iron to straighten any curl remaining. Once the stylist is satisfied with your "straightened" hair, he will apply a neutralizer to rebind the hair and stablilize it. This neutralizer is left on hair for about 30 minutes. The final part involving rinsing the neutralizer off and blow drying the hair. A hair serum may be applied to give body to the hair and the stylist may iron the hair once more to make sure the hair is totally sleek.

You may have spent the better part of the day in a salon, but this process will spare you from having to blow dry your hair into shape each time. Usually, the stylist will tell you not to wash your hair for a couple of days. After that, all you have to do is wash and brush your hair and it will naturally stay straight without much fuss.

If you’re new to rebonding, here are a few considerations:

Rebonding works best if you have a full head of hair. Rebonding reduces volume and puff,
facebook besthairbuy so it may not work as well on a scantier head of hair.

Rebonding can produce extremely straight hair, which can make your features seem stark and prominent for the first couple of weeks. To avoid this, you can opt for soft rebonding or a process called relaxer, whereby straightening is less intenseand therefore, more natural.

Rebonding can dry out hair, so be sure to moisturize well after each wash.

It is best not to rebond hair too frequently as the process can produce dry brittle hair in the long run.

wavegirl22 5 years ago from New York, NY

The heat and humidity in NY is at an all time high. As I type I cant remember the last time I blew out my hair. Which under good conditions my hair is great. . but come the humidity and I look like I plugged myself into a wall socket. So since it is a useless battle come summer I opt for the ‘up du bun’! Come Sept. the weather here becomes ‘perfect hair’ weather . I have thought about rebonding my hair but I am too scared. My friends daughter had it done a few year ago and it was Horrrirrrible! To this day her hair hasn’t grown back normally. Now granted she didn’t have good hair to begin with (wasn’t she even had it done) as her hair was thin and I never saw a piece of frizz anywhere near her.

But of course after reading your Hub on the topic I am rethinking again . the clips in my bun give me a headache . and I always feel so much ‘prettier_ when my hair is down. Talk to your dad about his concerns as to why he wouldn’t let you rebond your hair. If he’s worried that your brain may somehow be affected by the chemicals used, there is no grounds for that. Rebonding rearranges the structure of the hair to allow it to relax. It is a temporary solution to otherwise puffy or wavy hair. As for a safe age to do rebonding, there are no clear answer most agree that if you’re under twelve, it’s best not to do it. Also, don’t rebond too often as your hair can become brittle and dry. Hear what he has to say and always listen to your dad (i know, I come
hair vendors from an Asian family too). Thanks for dropping by.

Joan 4 years ago

Hi, I have wavy hair and
wholesale wigs whenever the weather is hot and humid, my hair will puff into lion head. strands of hair will stand out like wires and not a very good sight.

Joan, I know what you mean my hair puffs out too in humid conditions. As for your dilemma, straight out rebonding can make your hair very straight and it may look weird at first. But if you give it a couple of weeks, it will actually look nice. Now, with the new method of soft rebonding, the effect will not be so harsh. Having said that, go to good salon, ask for expert’s advice tell them you want straight hair with a softer touch. Rebonding only last about 6 months, give or take. Also, if you like your curls, you may just want to keep it that way. I hope that helps.

American Girl Goes To Canada

American Girl Goes To Canada

As the name tells you, American Girl is an American lady. And she is a pretty successful one as well, as we can see from the brand’s recent sales trends:

First, a little history: founded by Ms. Pleasant Rowland as a mail order company in 1986, the company was taken over by Mattel (NASDAQ:MAT) in 1998. A year later, the first American Girl store was opened in Chicago and American Girl has since gone from strength
facebook besthairbuy to strength. The chain has now grown to 16 stores (plus one outlet store in Oshkosh, WI) with two more to be opened this year and another two in 2015. All their stores are owned and operated by Mattel. website and paying in US dollars, Mattel decided to step things up a bit about two years ago. They first converted some of their packaging to a bi lingual English/French version which was, under Canadian law, a precondition to be able to ship from Canada rather than from the United States. Once the packaging change was completed, Mattel opened a warehouse in Markham, Ontario, last year. peer, Barnes Noble (NYSE:BKS), Indigo Chapters is struggling because of declining book sales. To offset this, it is putting more muscle behind a number of adjacent product categories toys being a prime example.

Mattel’s deal with Indigo is that the latter puts a range of American Girl products into specialty boutiques embedded in two of its superstores Vancouver and Toronto. The grand opening of the two boutiques took place in May this year. First reports are that Toronto store sales are pretty good, and those of the Vancouver store somewhat disappointing.

Here is a shot of the Vancouver boutique:

These boutiques, each at 1800 square feet, carry 27 American Girl 18" dolls [at C$125 or $116.25] plus eleven Bitty Baby dolls [at C$90 or $83.70]. In addition, there is American Girl furniture, accessories, books, craft kits, dresses and last but not least a doll hair salon, which also allows for doll ear piercing. No "Cafe," though, because Indigo already has a deal with Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX).

In addition, consumers can order the American Girl products via 100 Kiosks [computer terminals] located within Indigo stores for shipment either direct to their home or for pickup at any Indigo store nearby. To protect Mattel’s e commerce business in Canada, no American Girl products can be ordered online via Indigo.

Why Canada was chosen for American Girl’s first international venture is pretty obvious. The place is near, they speak English, and American Girl already has some sort of infrastructure there. What better place to test the concept before venturing into such wild and wonderful places as the United Kingdom or Australia, let alone Germany or France?

The first question is obviously why Mattel decided not to establish its own store or stores in Canada. There are probably three one is that there is a significant level of anti American sentiment in Canada and this could backfire on an American Girl store similar to what happened to the ill fated Barbie Palace in Shanghai. Having said this, while there is significant anti American sentiment in Canada, it is less there than in virtually any other country.

The second problem is that unlike the United States, where American Girl reigns in splendid isolation there is direct and well established competition in Canada. Avonlea Traditions has since 2003 very successfully sold Maplelea "Canadian Dolls for Canadian Girls." And the company made it onto PROFIT500, the list of Canada’s fastest growing companies, in 2013 ranking 155th, and in 2014, 177th. Equally important, Maplelea was not negatively affected by American Girl’s launch at Indigo but, to the contrary, has experienced double digit growth since then. Maplelea is not sold in stores only online from the company’s website and catalogue.

In fact, it is interesting to look at the web traffic pattern for both brands over the past twelve months. Both peaked for the Christmas period, and American Girl had stronger traffic pre and post fourth quarter. However, the difference really is marginal, which again suggests that Maplelea is a strong competitor.

Maplelea’s main strength appears to be that it is totally and uncompromisingly Canadian. In the words of its owner, Kathryn Galagher Morton:

"This situation, however, is what Maplelea has identified as an opportunity. We design our line of Maplelea dolls and accessories to reflect Canadian culture, heritage and geography. By doing so, we know that we are limiting our international appeal. But, we also know that we are dramatically increasing our appeal to Canadians by being Canadian themed. To our knowledge we are the only significant toy company that is designing and selling toys of any kind specifically for the Canadian market. It is a big risk doing so because Canada’s population is only one 10th the size of the USA’s. We know that we will never be the size of Mattel, and that’s OK. Maplelea is a niche company, serving a niche market and what we do, we do very successfully."

The third problem is that American Girl is pretty expensive in Canada. The 18" doll goes for C$125 [at Indigo], which compares to Maplelea’s doll at C$99.99, Battat’s Our Generation at C$34.99, and ToysRUs’ house brand, Journey Girls, at C$39.99. American Girl’s premium, at least versus Maplelea, does not appear to be justified by better quality materials, or workmanship, or finish.

Given these three factors, it is easy to understand why Mattel would wish to market test a retail store concept before investing the millions needed for an American Girl establishment.

However, what Indigo does not provide at all is the overall American Girl experience, which is so successful in the United States. To give an example, the New York American Girl store devotes its first floor to modern American Girls, plus Coconut the Dog, and the Book Store. The second floor holds the Pet Shop, the Doll Hospital and the Doll Hair Salon. On the third floor are the "Cafe," the Photo Studio and the Souvenir Shop. The basic difference between the Indigo boutique and American Girl New York is that the former is just another small shop in shop of 1800 square feet and the latter a social occasion at 45,000 square feet.

Also, there is the question of whether Indigo will survive over the next few years. Its core business, books, is declining and it is trying to morph into a more general retailer that carries lots of things other than books toys, for instance. To achieve this, the owner of Indigo has formulated a strategy designed to turn Indigo into a "cultural department store" by introducing a whole lot of mini boutiques tech, baby, housewares. Given this transition effort, American Girl came as a godsend. However, books still represent three quarters of the company’s business and general merchandise the remaining quarter. The general consensus is that the company will have to reverse these percentages to have a real shot at prospering over the long haul an uphill struggle if there ever was one.

So, while you can understand why Mattel came to Indigo, and why Indigo jumped at the opportunity, prospects for a successful outcome are at best mixed.

This leads us to the second question. Assuming that the Indigo test does, in fact, go well over the next few years, where will Mattel go from there?

There are basically two choices. One is that the present setup with Indigo is rolled out further and hits the other large Canadian cities such as Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, etc. The other is that Mattel starts its own store, probably Toronto as Canada’s largest population center, and then goes from there.

If Mattel is serious about taking American Girl outside the United States, it really has no choice but to stay with the concept that has been successful in the United States and which has set the brand apart from every other. To do so, Mattel will eventually have to bite the bullet and to open its own international store somewhere, and Canada is probably the best place to do it. A rough owner’s manual for the brembana valley all over madeira

a rough owner’s manual for the brembana valley all over madeira

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It’s time to think about going to sleep earlier

it’s time to think about going to sleep earlier

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Where his mother sang in the choir

where his mother sang in the choir

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Lets get to it and jump into this weeks edition of

lets get to it and jump into this weeks edition of

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Redesigning With Personality

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Behind The Scenes Of Tourism

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