You need to beatify your photo

You need to beatify your photo!

Still thinking why some people look so beautiful on twiter and facebook? Still bordering by your unprofessional photo skills? It’s the high time for you to find a fantastic
photo editing app for yourself! These
photo editing apps can help you to beautify your photo in a easy way. Just clikc few buttons and then you can get a photo which seems like taken by professional photographer. I have use a few of them and here i highly recommend you 4 of them. Download one and start your beauty way now!

1. Beauty Camera

This app is only available for Android phones — and it is extremely basic. Choose either to select a photo from your gallery or take a selfie on the app itself. Once you take a photo the app will do its work automatically to smooth out your pores and remove blemishes. The only tweaking you can do is increase or decrease the amount of brightness, tone, smoothing and detail. That’s it.

2.CreamCam: The concept of perfecting our complexion even in the throes of PMS (or any time, for that matter) is downright revolutionary. Check out the brightness slider to work on blotchy skin or bad lighting, and then rotate your phone to see before and after shots of your work!

3.Perfect365: This app uses facial detection technology to instantly create the most accurate — and the most quickly customizable — photo edits. Touch one of the pre-set makeovers for an instant makeover, or use the more than 20 individual tweaking tools to do customized edits. With blemish removal, under eye correction, teeth whitening, eye brightening, and dozens of eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, blush, lipstick, and foundation options, it’s like going to get your makeup done (but easier).


BeautyPlus is a photo editing app with a very specific goal: to make your selfies beautiful.You can add vibrance to your skin, touch up acne, and many other options to make yourself look better than you really do.

Enjoy your photo beautify journey!

Discover the latest trends in lifestyle and shop–myntra

Discover the latest trends in lifestyle and shop–myntra

If you want to appear together with your smartphone, this
Shopping app is fantastic for you. It’s fashion on the go while using the all-new
myntra app. Take the idea of internet shopping with you where you go and get all of your favorite fashion merchandise (Ethnic put on,shoes, add-ons, beauty items) by top brands.Examine 2,30,000 product styles from 1600 brands instantly across the Myntra shopping appDiscover the latest trends in lifestyle and check for garments, Kurtis, sarees, footwear, T-t t t shirts, jackets, jeans, bags, skirts, dresses, jewellery, watches, handbags, shoes and much more. While using the application, you’re going to get free styling tips from your fashion experts, and hot offers and deals on all of your favorite items.Right here are a handful of reviews of myntra,more
shopping apps at 9apps.

* The using can get iritating daily it requires the required time to start while all ap opens fine except this it began while using the earliear update today while writing these i acquired an update still its lagging a great deal.recover the bug

* I do not realise why site provides you with the shimmering and wonderful appearance within the men t t t shirts and jeans, etc however, if a person buys these items after finding the items it appears as though a pale and dull inside the original in photos. Why ? Might be because of camera otherwise anything. …

* Up to now like me anxiety about this aap it the very best application in relation to prise comparison nobody offers the top quality product where Myntra is providing but with regards to delivery it appears pathetic where others provide you with the product in two to three days it requires greater than each week. Aaah.. So boring to wait patiently for your product so when you are having your products it is not well packed.

* Its horrible pls dont obtain myntra now personally, i can not stand this application whn i strt shop on this internet site thy dlvr me r8 product but aftr that point paases awwy thy start givng me worong product now i m suffring i ll awr everybody within my socty or my rltive frnds all pls if u need to wst ur mny and call rate money to customr care so buy i alwys ask customr care and take off from 31 .50 evry time buz it isn’t free customer care if u are interested visit amzone jabngoo vinonik snapdeal etc or samtng els but dont obtain hr I have call mny serious amounts of mention of the customr care via mail also bt thy are sayng u got missproduct tht might be the problm not our we’ve disptch r8 product u got diffrent product we r sorry bt we cnt refund . We awr men if u ll get diffrnt product myntra ll not b refund or return this typ and services information thy are provide . Means customer got diffrnt product tht isn’t myntra resposblity that’s customr resposblity . U ll plc odr ur lik product and u ll get smtng els tht might be the problm . Thy ll not rtn it men pls we awr inside the myntra….. pls this lie factor dont tll me u r suportng i knw i m r8 i ll fight during this mttr buz u chited…. thy jst tll same dilog our myntra tem ll hlp u bt belive me nobody hlp

Tips to understanding the causes of female hair loss and promoting hair growth

Tips to understanding the causes of female hair loss and promoting hair growth

Alopecia is the medical term for excessive or abnormal hair loss. Although there are various kinds of alopecia, all of them are symptoms of something going wrong in the body. Hair loss could be an indication of a hormonal imbalance, disease, or poor hair management according to Toni Hall Parker, co founder of CUSH Cosmetics. There are some cases of genetic causes of pattern baldness, such as alopecia areata. Temporary life events can cause hair loss in some women. Pregnancy, taking certain medication, and stressful times during a woman’s life might affect her hair or cause hair loss.

Celebrity stylist and Shea Moisture brand ambassador Diane Bailey suggests considering one’s diet when dealing with hair health. She says:

It is important to remember that our scalp is part of one of the largest organs of our body our skin. Our skin and scalp both thrive based on the types of foods and nutrients we take in. Therefore, we have to eat nutrient rich foods such as raw vegetables, green leafy vegetables and fatty acid rich walnut, as well as protein rich foods, such as beans, liver, eggs, and salmon. Be sure to avoid foods that are high is saturated fats and foods that are high in sugars that can not only lead to dry, flaky scalp, but can also be a contributing factor to more serious health concerns such as diabetes and high blood pressure. I advise clients to maintain a well balanced and healthy diet; not only for their hair health, but their overall physical health. Processed foods and not drinking enough water each day have a direct effect on scalp health and hair growth.

Bailey also encourages scalp massage for increasing blood flow and circulation that will stimulate hair follicles in the scalp. She recommends using products that contain ingredients such as biotin. Biotin is a B complex vitamin that has been proven to assist in the production of new hair cells. She recommends that women avoid hair styles that pull too tightly on the hair. Bailey warns that excessive heat styling can damage hair as well.

Jacqueline Tarrant of the Hair Trauma Center states that, "Hair grows about to inch every month and hair is fed directly from your blood circulation. The foundation of all new hair growth is the nutrients we eat." Tarrant says protein grows hair because hair is made of protein. She suggests that women should eat adequate amounts of meat, dairy, or protein shakes. Good sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits (oranges and lemons) and green peppers according to Tarrant. She says iron rich foods increase circulation in the scalp and women should drink water to stay hydrated and grow healthy hair. Vitamin E taken internally or applied to the scalp will help with circulation. Vitamin A works with fat synthesis in the hair follicles according to Tarrant. Vitamin A rich foods include eggs, kale, squash, and carrots.

Certified Trichologist LaVonne D. Booker asserts that improper use of chemicals can cause hair loss. She says relaxing the entire head of hair instead of just the new growth can damage hair. She also feels relaxers that are too strong, leaving a relaxer on too long, or not properly rinsing a relaxer out are problems as well. Booker does not advise having more than one chemical treatment (such as relaxing and coloring) done at the same time. She recommends using products that contain ingredients like sage, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender which promote hair growth. Shea butter, jojoba oil, and avocado oil are ingredients that Booker recommends for adding moisture to the hair. Booker’s product line, Healthy Hair Solutions Hair Skin Care features many of those ingredients. Booker says, "People have to understand that no matter how many topical products we put on our scalp or hair, if your body isn’t healthy your hair can not be healthy."

The information included in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. She is a graduate of the University of South Florida where she obtained a degree in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing. She is certified to teach Language Arts. She taught in the public school system for seven years. Tangela is the founder and President of Simply Necessary, Incorporated in Lakeland, Florida. Or should I say blacks and greys

or should i say blacks and greys

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